New Lexie! Thursday, Nov 23 2006 

SO, as you know, I’ve been modeling a fair bit this year. It all started with Lexie Barnes, who hired me after I helped her pick out some prop knitting paraphernalia at Webs and basically had an epileptic fit over her be-skulled Hermosa bags. I dressed as TWO of her prints for Halloween
and the rest was waterproof, pocketful history. Like the Hair Club for Men dude, I’m not just the model, I’m also a hardcore fan. I rarely drive and every time I get caught in some shite weather I look at my laminated bag and say “BLESS YOU, LEXIE BARNES.”

Well, Lexie’s newest batch of beauties has arrived. I can’t tell you how fun it is to hang out with my psuedo-baby (her actual baby) all day in Eastworks especially because her aesthetic goals are so rad. Since I have been obsessively watching Audrey Hepburn films (for academic reasons, I swear 😉 I found myself feeling inspired by “Funny Face”, dancer feet and black flats, etc. In one picture, I’m reading a Rome travel guide. It’s like a mini-homage!

Here are some pictures from last time:

Time to get ready for the thanks giving! Have a happy day.



Enid, anyone? Monday, Nov 20 2006 

Does anyone know of a knit-along for Veronik Avery’s Enid cardigan in the latest Interweave?

I loved it in the magazine and even more when I saw it at Stitches East–the details on this sweater are fantastic and I think it’s the perfect balance between challenging (for me) techniques and long stretches of stockinette in the round that I can do while reading. Which is all the time.

I have concerns about this off the shoulder issue, though. Could it just be a poor fit for the model, or does that look like a design flaw?

I’m pretty terrible at knit-alongs and have joined several and then put the sweaters aside. Because of this knitter’s A.D.D. I don’t think I want to be the head of a knit-along. Then again, I have been much better at finishing things lately. In fact, Eric’s Cycling Aran is all done, just waiting on a zipper!

Time to go proctor an exam (whoo hoo!),


Belated Stitches East Wrap-Up Wednesday, Nov 15 2006 

Once again, Stitches yielded plenty of cool encounters with knitting personalities. I fawned over an older woman’s hip, Sgt. Pepper style jacket and realized that I was chatting with none other than Jean Frost, probably the knitting world’s master of jacket design. She wasn’t wearing a nametag and said that she prefers to go “incognito” when shopping. I spotted Brandon Mably knitting fantastic stripes with Kidsilk Haze and he reavealed that it was his Christmas knitting but that might end up in a Rowan magazine. He joked about how awkward it’ll be to give the gift then snatch it back to be photographed. Saw Kaffe Fassett as well, he wears red pants. I have a rule about people who wear red pants or shoes–I like them. The impracticality, the non-neutrality, I just like them. Oh, and Andra wore these high-tech killers for the whole show, so naturally, we’re BFF.

Speaking of knitting being photographed! My Stiring Cloche and many other fabulous Webster-designed patterns are now available for purchase in One-Skein Wonders! I was at Barnes and Noble the other day for a meeting with a professor and after I wandered over to the knitting section…there I was! I almost told a total stranger, I was so excited.

I got to see my little sister and my mother while in Baltimore, but I think I was a bit of a killjoy. I was ex-HAUSTED and we went to the aquarium, where there was a frog exhibit. I have a real problem with frogs–a serious aversion at best, a crippling phobia at worst. After stepping into realistic rainforest display I was in immediate need of an emergency exit. See the post-panic sweaty face?

Onto the haul! Some Lexie factory seconds, these are mostly “minis“, which are like the fanciest, handiest, biggest Ziplock baggies a girl can have. I collect them like they’re baseball cards. Also, a prototype needle case. We just had another photoshoot (mega fun), so watch for updates on her site and here.

Delicious chartruese Koigu, for gloves or socks and one skein of a delicious plum for…something.

Brooks Farms (of course). This was a very special one-off sort of yarn called Limited Edition II. It’s a 50/50 wool/mohair single ply. It’s so cool, it’s fingering weight but thick and thin as well…I didn’t really know this was possible, and I’ve certainly never seen anything like it. I indulged in two 420 yard skeins and I’m hoping to make a version of Ella from Knitty. I saw one at Stitches and it was really off-kilter and unique, I think it’ll look amazing in this yarn.

One skein of Duet in a truly vibrant turquoise. Kathy (Mrs. Webs) couldn’t resist the booth either and scored many luscious skeins. I’ve stashed quite a bit of it now and it’s all destined to become wraps.

Last little bit of yarn (with some Lexie bags in the background!): rosy pink Primero for a flower, scarf-ette, lace beret, something…

I also found old copies of some great patterns, including the knitted stitch motif pullover in Wool Gathering #70 and an adorable duo from Cottage Creations.

Speaking of scarves, I made a version of the Purl Scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson. I held a strand of Malibrigo Super Bulky in Sealing Wax, a strand of Classic Elite Miracle in Cuban Sunset and a strand of Rowan Kidsilk Haze in Marmalade. It’s seed stitch, very long and fringed. Basic basic, I didn’t fuss over getting a detail shot, but I like this aerial view of my ugly pug rug.

Another one is in the works, this time inspired by Hello Yarn’s two color Noro scarves. I used Knit One Crochet Too’s Paintbox in four different shades…don’t remember which ones…heh. I’m carrying yarn up the side and slipping one stitch on the other edge, they’re looking very tidy.

It’s not mine, but this lady had the nicest striped shawl at Stitches…she just “made it up” with her scraps. Love that. After seeing so many Clapotis, it was like lemon sorbet.

Oh, Tim arrived! Amy of Webs got it for me as a going away gift and he is currently presiding over my every study session, urging me to “make it work”. His head isn’t as bobbly as most other bobble heads, but that’s fitting somehow.

I’ve saved the best for last–thanks to the dear Andra I was able to grab a picture with Berroco big guns Margery Winter and Norah Gaughan. Andra made the ultra-flattering remark that I’m going to look like Margery when I “grow up”. This is a super exciting prospect for me, and with a nod toward the Margery, I just purchased my first pair of Danksos (she has patent leather, I got these). These ladies (the Heathers of knitting, and I say that with total adoration) joined me at lunch one day, along with an editor from Vogue Knitting. We talked shop (ha) and I got to take a look at what’s in store for spring/summer Berroco. Very modern, deconstructed (but clean) lines, very cool. Later, Norah borrowed a tapestry needle, which will now be bronzed.

I’m only half kidding.


P.S. I seem to have a uniform for meeting knitting superstars…