SO, as you know, I’ve been modeling a fair bit this year. It all started with Lexie Barnes, who hired me after I helped her pick out some prop knitting paraphernalia at Webs and basically had an epileptic fit over her be-skulled Hermosa bags. I dressed as TWO of her prints for Halloween
and the rest was waterproof, pocketful history. Like the Hair Club for Men dude, I’m not just the model, I’m also a hardcore fan. I rarely drive and every time I get caught in some shite weather I look at my laminated bag and say “BLESS YOU, LEXIE BARNES.”

Well, Lexie’s newest batch of beauties has arrived. I can’t tell you how fun it is to hang out with my psuedo-baby (her actual baby) all day in Eastworks especially because her aesthetic goals are so rad. Since I have been obsessively watching Audrey Hepburn films (for academic reasons, I swear 😉 I found myself feeling inspired by “Funny Face”, dancer feet and black flats, etc. In one picture, I’m reading a Rome travel guide. It’s like a mini-homage!

Here are some pictures from last time:

Time to get ready for the thanks giving! Have a happy day.