Does anyone know of a knit-along for Veronik Avery’s Enid cardigan in the latest Interweave?

I loved it in the magazine and even more when I saw it at Stitches East–the details on this sweater are fantastic and I think it’s the perfect balance between challenging (for me) techniques and long stretches of stockinette in the round that I can do while reading. Which is all the time.

I have concerns about this off the shoulder issue, though. Could it just be a poor fit for the model, or does that look like a design flaw?

I’m pretty terrible at knit-alongs and have joined several and then put the sweaters aside. Because of this knitter’s A.D.D. I don’t think I want to be the head of a knit-along. Then again, I have been much better at finishing things lately. In fact, Eric’s Cycling Aran is all done, just waiting on a zipper!

Time to go proctor an exam (whoo hoo!),