Ack. Thursday, Dec 21 2006 

That’s right, ack. I’m trying to finish end of the year work and it’s not…working. I was planning on NOT gifting this year because A) I didn’t have time for a repeat knit performance of last year and I didn’t have time to shop for everyone. I happen to come from a long line of very finicky, very wise shoppers, and it’s a daunting task. I didn’t want to resort to scratch tickets or Dunkin’ Donuts gift cards (though I would if they promise to never hire a new ad manager, ever). So I did this:

I have about 12 more to make. They’re so fun! Pattern in Weekend Knitting by Melanie Falick. They make me laugh an inordinate amount. Anyhow, back to work with me…



Heh… Friday, Dec 8 2006 

If I were a smoker, my knitting would be the equivilent of chain smoking–only taking several drags from each cigarette before I stubbed it out and cast on–er, lit up another. I got an itch to have a nice cozy sweater that I could, oh I don’t know, wear this winter. I cast on for Spray in Rowan Plaid and one bad Audrey Hepburn movie later (Paris When it Sizzles), I had this:

Soft stuff, if mostly acrylic…

And again, with the goofy hats! I can’t get enough of them, though I think they seriously embarrass those around me. The old lady in me doesn’t give a hoot! This is an Elizabeth Zimmerman Ganomy hat from the Knitter’s Almanac. Everyone–do yourself a favor–skip two lattes and BUY THIS BOOK. This is honestly my bedtime story. It’s so oddly soothing, and funny.

I get such a thrill out of clever hats. I think the amazingly engineered ear flaps on this one make me look like a little Dutch girl. And look, it’s my unblocked Weasley sweater–she wouldn’t have blocked it, so I didn’t either. I just put all the HP films in my Netflix queue–nothing makes me feel Christmas..ier.

Before I start swatching for the Enid-Along, I wanted to finish this old knit-along garment. I can’t wait to have it done now that I’ve picked it up again–top-down/Stefanie Japel, you never fail me!

I even have the perfect buttons picked out…

This week, two very exciting things occur. The second Webs catalog photoshoot, with actual hair and makeup people, so key to me looking not wan but instead super-fancy. Also, Cinemaknits moves to the Valley!! SO excited about this. A knitter’s party is totally in order and will happen after the holidays.

I’ve had the itch to travel recently. To London, or Montreal. Somewhere where there is an actual winter! I’m dreamily gazing at these fantastically modern Icelandic pieces to tide me over.

New Knitty–EHHHH. I mean it. Very impressed by accessories. Namely these lovelies. I wanted to dismiss Calorimetry as a cheap Panta rip-off but I think it’s different enough to start it’s very own craze.

I’ll leave you with a better picture of Eric in his Cycling Aran, since the last ones were all doom and gloom. We’re going to see the Evens tonight–a wool-respecting couple if there e’er were one.

Over and out,


P.S. Eric, spot the ancient history reference in this picture. Prize: High five.

Knitting for Boys. Tuesday, Dec 5 2006 

I present, Eric’s Cycling Aran, as seen on HelloYarn! Knit in Lamb’s Pride Bulky, Bulldog Blue, zipper ordered from Zipperstop, a hilariously patriotic and efficient zipper dealer who I will order from again.

These pictures are quick and dirty, he was flying out the door. I’m just happy that it fits! That is a relative ‘it fits’, by the way, I can see that the sleeves are really baggy and that it might be too short, but I blame Eric, aka Stretch’s gangly bod for that.

The cool green lining, Debbie Bliss Cotton Cashmere. In honor of the fact that Eric eats about 19 green apples a day. His way of telling doctors to bugger off.

Yeah, I can see how much it is rippling. I should’ve figured out how many stitches to pick up instead of just winging it. This was already the second collar, so I was getting impatient. The first strangled Eric. This one closes, at least, and the puffy lining serves as…an air-insulated pillow…for maximum…comfort…yeah. No more detail pics, I’m not proud of my finishing. Sigh.

In case anyone was wondering–the curse did indeed strike! Since Eric is a knitter I don’t think it was the constant fussing and fitting that did it, but in any case, feel free to use us as more “evidence” in the case for the curse. Sigh.

I came across this picture on MySpace:

It is Yoni Wolf, lead singer of a favorite band, Why? Earlier this year I had maybe the best time ever ditching a Boston Yo La Tengo show he was opening for and running to the MFA with him to see Joanna Newsom play outdoors in an idyllic garden. Anyhow, I knit that hat for him! He is vegan so I used Knit One Crochet Too Wick which is made from tofu industry waste…and…polypropelyne.

It was cool to work with but there were KNOTS, tons of them, and the stuff sure as heck doesn’t spit splice. The hat was a mess, but it was a birthday present so I just sent it off, not even thinking he’d really wear it. But here he is, out on the road somewhere, wearing it! I don’t know who that rosy-cheeked hussy is…hey, look, another hat of mine!

Speaking of Knit One Crochet Too, I just finished ANOTHER HelloYarn inspired knit! Wow, I think I have a knit-crush. This one is out of four colors (which four? I forget!) of their lovely Paintbox, which feels the way I wish Reynolds Lite Lopi did. It is LONG, and I actually am proud of my techniques on this one. I carried the yarn up the side and slipped a stitch on the other to get equally neat (though not identical) edges. It’s lovely. I call it my Liminal scarf, since I’ve been buried in Victor Turner all week, heck, all semester, really.

I’ve been noticing lately that I do a lot of “easy” knitting. I think it is because I am always multi-tasking, and can’t handle complicated patterns while doing something else. There is also a ‘playing it safe’ element in operation…I usually don’t wear/use the knits I spent the most time making. How about you?

Please, do yourself a favor and watch this fricking hilarious clip from SNL. I am a Bust Magazine subscriber and the last issue featured an interview with Amy Poehler wherein she advocated the return of 1970s bush, or what she calls the “high and wide”. I am so happy that this line of thinking has a place in “mainstream comedy”. Using humor as a rhetorical device is a completely under-utilized form of feminism in my opinion. To be honest, I’m really excited about the prospect of studying this next year when I take a course on the politics of sexual representation with Lisa Henderson.

The end!


P.S. I’m going to a cocktail party hosted by a contributor to Bitch magazine this weekend–jealous?? 😉 Also, I found an Enid Knit-Along and will be starting with them on the 1st of January.