It’s been awhile! Wednesday, Feb 21 2007 

I can’t post long, I’m heading off to Stitches West in, oh, 4 hours or so! I can tell you that

A. I cheated: I bought yarn! From our competitors, no less! It’s for Thermal!

B. I finished: I finished a sock in Gail’s Franklin for the store, isn’t it gorgeous?!

C. I cheated: I sewed! And I love it!

Mensch, ich muss jetzt schlafen! Bis spader!



First Interweave Review? Monday, Feb 5 2007 

I picked up Interweave Knits Spring 2007 yesterday and after Googling for reviews today and not finding any it occurs to me that I could be one of the first to review it! This never happens! Except you know the whole thing about if you don’t have anything nice to say…?

Well…first of all, they’ve re-designed the magazine. Pam Allen does a great job of explaining the reasoning behind this in her editor’s letter but I really don’t think I’ll get used to it as she urges us to do. I really loved that the layout of Interweave was different from the typical fashion layout with patterns in the back approach. I loved not having to flip back and forth to see a close-up of something. Patterns are now arranged in thematic ‘stories’ and I hate to say it but I thought it was an ad for several pages before it clicked that I was in fact looking at the heart of the issue! This move towards a more commercial look just doesn’t do it for me. But! I’m sure many will love it. Example:

How about a moment of silence for all those involved with the silk thong–designer, future knitters, wearers, um…beneficiaries? I actually love the two camisoles and the socks.

I’ll be honest, I was sort of more excited by the actual ads. I tend to not care much for the warm weather issues. I finally ‘cheated’ on Webs and purchased a set of Options needles:

Shh, don’t tell anyone, they might revoke the Ms. Webs crown! Then I’d have to blubber at a podium for a ‘second chance’. Speaking of the ads, have you ever seen me so very groomed??

This ad from Blue Moon Fiber Art has me thinking that this will be the year I finally buy some Socks That Rock yarn at Stitches. In the past I’ve thought my sock knitting skills too shoddy for $$ yarn, but these colors…I just hope they aren’t exclusive to the Sock Club. Because I’m a vendor’s employee I will have the distinct pleasure of getting a crack at it before the masses descend upon it which, truth be told, is the real reason I haven’t purchased any so far. The melee (which I’m sure some of you have been party to!) is downright ugly, I think the word ‘scrum’ is really accurate.

On the crafty front I made some book weights! This was great practice for making straight seams and just generally getting aquainted with my machine. I made several, tweaking the design as I went. They’re filled with popcorn and (I think) adorable! This was all inspired by Anjali asking what to do with very precious fabrics and by Ysolda’s amazing Reading Jumper. Ysolda and I even have some reading in common!

My set-up (the awesome mixed-up fairy tale fabric is from the swap I had with Anjali!) EDITED TO ADD: I started whipping these bad boys up for all my grad school friends and one of them called (just as I was sewing his, no less). I excitedly told him about it and he said (in a very HIM tone) “Is it particularly tiring to hold your books open?” I realized that the main reason I was making these was because I knit and read at the same time unless the book won’t stay open. Other people don’t necessarily have this problem, but I did make a pretty good case for free hands leading to better notes. I tell you, as a grad student reading is no laughing matter. We continually have debates about favorite highlighter brands, scamming free copies and holding books hostage from the library. Good times!

That is a Zimmerman book in the back there, I needed some reading knitting of my own so I cast on for a Baby Surprise Jacket (my first!). A professor/friend is having twins soon (a boy and a girl!) and while they wanted gender neutral, I couldn’t help putting these colors together. They will most likely have dark hair (who knows, but one of the parents is Italian and dark hair IS a dominant traits…) so I hope the brown is suitably non-traditional for them. Now to decide which side is cuter…I’m thinking ‘wrong’, the one with more striping!

Lord knows I love my stripes…