*EDITED UPDATE: As naturalbodycare notes in the comments, the called for yarn from Fitted Knits is indeed a Knit Picks yarn. I am all for saving money and I do appreciate the effort that goes into knitting new garments. I still don’t understand why they wouldn’t focus on designing, or feature the photography and model from the book (which is totally allowed). It’s a beautiful shot and I know firsthand that a lot of work goes into those photo shoots! I am a Knit Picks customer and am really pleased with some of their products (needles, in particular). This wasn’t meant as a disparagement, I just wanted to see what other bloggers thought.*

First things first…I’m feeling snarky about something. I got the Knit Picks catalog in the mail the other day, I’m thumbing through and something starts to bother me. It’s been bothering me awhile but I can’t quite figure out the ‘rules’ of the situation. To promote books and their own yarn line Knit Picks, will knit a garment in their brand of yarn (versus the one called for in the original pattern). Many of us do this to save money without any prompting and there are definitely guidelines surrounding the use of free patterns published on the Internet (Hello Yarn‘s in nice and clear, as is Knitty‘s)…but what about this?

I suppose it’s okay and I’m sure they’ve researched the legality of it but it’s a little out of hand.

This was the most egregious offense in the recent catalog–not only have they replaced the yarn, it looks like they’ve replicated the photoshoot!! Is anyone else a little perturbed by this?

Could’ve been accidental…I’ve unintentionally produced a Japelish design myself, my Trinket tank has a twin in Fitted Knits. Stefanie and I do share a birthday, so it could be Virgonean kismet.

As I mentioned, I’ve got a big project planned for my summer (and knowing me, far, far, beyond) that involves a fuzzy bag of gold. The inspiration was a dress from Urban Outfitters:

I like the puffed sleeves but since the color I picked isn’t as sweet as the lilac I might try to do something more like a petal sleeve. Still dainty but simpler. Another option is a slight puffed sleeved with a button closure:

I’ve trolled my B. Walkers and this is the stitch pattern I’ve been most drawn to, Sunspots:

This particular pattern seems to be popping up everywhere I look. Right after I fell for this one and sketched out my ideas I came across this on Facehunter and I cringed. NOT exactly what I am going for, but eerily similar to my notes!

Some other stitch patterns I’m considering. I’ll have to swatch to see how they show up in the Kidsilk Haze…

I was thinking about the yellow…I thought long and hard before settling on that color. In a way I was being a contrarian, there are so many amazingly beautiful colors! I think it could be fantastic in the late summer and fall, especially with a contrasting dress or slip underneath. And if I hate it, yellow can become a delicious green. I couldn’t find any blog entries about people over-dying Kidsilk Haze…is it risky, sacreligious, unnecessary, what?