Update Friday, May 2 2008 

Hello, hello. I’ve published a post with some sizing information for the Nantucket Tank, please click here if you’re interested.

The blog silence is due to a lot of work I need to complete before the end of the semester. I’m working on getting myself back on track so I can return to my graduate studies with a bit of a cleared slate. I’m really looking forward to a television studies course with Shawn Shimpach, a hilariously dry scholar, still new to our department.

I have been knitting, a lot actually! We’re in the middle of a cold snap–49 and cloudy right now, it’s beautiful and I’m not being sarcastic, I love this weather. I dared myself to try to start and finish 28thirty before it warms up again, I think I’m on track to do it! Currer is very near completion, but I had a few false starts on the peplum (truly stupid mistakes) and decided to put it aside for a bit. I’m also zooming through a vest for the store, Petal knit it my absolute favorite yarn EVER, the Fibre Company’s Terra. I want to write a love letter to this yarn. I’ll tell you why when I finish the vest.

What else? Oh, I just discovered a knit-along for the Shetland Triangle and I conveniently received some Sundara Silky Merino Aran in Ruby Port (the last shipment for this round of the Season’s Club)…I’ll be directly ripping off Mr. Brooklyn Tweed, as so many before me have. All hail that dude and his amazing taste. Everyone keeps raving about how fast and easy this is…I am skeptical, it’s lace, lace usually flummoxes me. I’ll give it a shot at least!

I just relistened to Sweater Love, the episode where Nicole and Jenny declare their sweater fantasy lives AWESOME! Working at Webs is terrible for this. All we DO is fantasize about sweaters and what yarns we’re going to knit them in. Lately it’s been Tempest…let me tell you…I’m super excited to buy 14 buttons and use up some sock yarn. Because I have enough to knit probably 100 pairs and I’ve made maybe a dozen?

So yeah. That’s a lotta words. Here is a picture to balance it, I sort of can’t believe I took this:




Nantucket Island Tank Sizing Friday, May 2 2008 

Thank you so much for the lovely comments on the Nantucket Tank! I hope to have it back at Webs soon as a store sample, stop in and see it if you get a chance. There are some sizing questions that have cropped up and I want to address them here. I’ve been told that Classic Elite can field questions as well.

Nantucket Tank

The size range published in the pattern is as follows:

Finished measurements: 30.5/Extra Small (32/Small, 34.25/Medium, 35.5/Large, 37.75/Extra Large)”.

The gauge listed in both versions is 20 stitches and 28 rounds=4 inches in stockinette stitch. The cast-on numbers indicate “CO 186 (194, 206, 214, 226).” At a gauge of 5 stitches to the inch, the bottom of the tank should measure right around: 37.25 (38.75, 41.25, 42.75, 45.25)”. The tank is meant to have a loose A-line shape.

You then complete a series of decreases and end up with 170 (178, 190, 198, 210) stitches–85 (90, 94, 98, 104) on your needle for the front and 85 (90, 94, 98, 104) stitches on a holder for the back. This is pretty much where I determined the finished bust measurement and the final sizes. It should ideally hit the widest part of the bust.

The sloped dotted line in the schematic indicates a bit of short row shaping. I did this to gently slope the angle of the armholes before starting each “cup” (for lack of a better word) side. Better to hide a bra with, my dear!

According to the gauge and the number of stitches you have, the circumference here should measure about 34 (36, 38, 40, 42)”, I was planning about 2 inches of ease for a loose and breezy summer top.

I’m not really sure why the tech editors at Classic Elite would list the finished measurements they did. As for the bust measurements they list in the schematic (these numbers were NOT numbers I submitted), there are two: 13.5 (14.25, 15.25, 15.75, 16.75)” for the back and 17 (17.75, 19, 19.75, 21)” for the front. That adds up to the bust measurements they list in the finished measurements: 30.5/Extra Small (32/Small, 34.25/Medium, 35.5/Large, 37.75/Extra Large)”. The only thing I can think of is that they measured the back right at the bound-off edge which is preceded by a series of fairly drastic decreases (done to pull in the very loose bell of fabric and minimize gaping).

The garment is knit in the round from the bottom up and the beauty of that is that you can try it on as you’re knitting! Please feel free to do this, just slip some stitches to scrap yarn or a spare needle and carefully sidle into the tank. You can add length, or determine whether or not you need the decreases I’ve listed in the back–I think omitting or altering the decreases in the back could extend the size range by a lot. Experiment, and ask me if you run into any other issues!

Phew! I feel like Sandi Wiseheart!


Nantucket Island Tank! Tuesday, Apr 15 2008 

Nantucket Tank

Published and distributed by Classic Elite Yarns, available in their free webletter, Issue 36!

I can’t tell you how excited I was when a design I submitted was accepted for this newsletter. I love Classic Elite Yarns, I love that it’s based in Lowell (I earned my A.A. in Lowell and love New England mill towns). The designs have always been solid but I’m especially thrilled that Pam Allen was recently named the creative director. To know that my design passed muster at C.E. is just huge for me.

The Nantucket Tank is a simple design but it knit up very quickly and the yarn was an absolute joy to knit. I hope I have time to whip up one for myself before the summer is over! My track record on knitting summer knits I can actually use is not great. Here is a version of my “blurb” for the pattern and some additional pics, including a closeup of the cable used on the edge. I love how blue these pictures came out, it must have been the A.M. light. I do NOT love how grainy they are. Sorry =/

“Like most knitters, I enjoy a good, snowy winter. Being a native New Englander I get to enjoy many bitterly cold days and I do it without complaining–it justifies my love for wool. When it finally does warm up I’m faced with the question–what to knit? Knitting with cotton and bamboo presents unique challenges and limitations, but I’m learning that these are alchemical properties for an emerging designer! Knitting a swatch of Classic Elite Cotton Bamboo confirmed all my suspicions–this yarn was cool and SLINKY! It draped beautiful and seemed cool to the touch, exactly the sort of thing I want to slip on as the mercury rises.

I started to think of stitch patterns that would make sense and lace naturally came to mind. This year has been a real “cable moment” for me–almost everything I’ve made or been attracted to has had one. Bamboo and cotton aren’t the sort of fibers that call out for cables, in fact they can be difficult to work (I used a bamboo double pointed needle as a cable needle to cut down on it’s slippery tendency). I wanted to give it a go anyway and the result is something quite nautical–it reminds me of rope or the lines left behind in the sand after waves recede. It is flat and almost imperceptible but it makes an interesting edge and adds dimension to the smooth fabric.

I had to borrow from Nantucket Island to name this top. Both make it slightly easier to put away the wool for another New England summer.”

Nantucket Tank

Hope everyone is enjoying the slow New England thaw…


P.S. Cecily Glowik at Classic Elite (love her Four Seasons Vine Vest) filled me in on the Skye Tweed Sweater mystery (at the bottom of the entry). It is one of her designs and it was taken off the Classic Elite website when Skye Tweed was discontinued. I say we petition her for a new version, I barely took mine off this winter!

Deeeee-stash Monday, Apr 7 2008 

I’m destashing, ya’ll. Tons of stuff, unearthed in the latest move. It was either for projects that I’ve moved on from or colors I’ve learned I shouldn’t wear. I’ll be adding more in the next week or so.

Oh, and hey, I won a Twinkle contest! I wonder what my prize will be…

I keep promising a big update. It’s coming, I promise, but life is extra crazy at the moment. If you’d like to see what I was working on in March be sure you’re subscribed to the Classic Elite Newsletter!


You guys! Friday, Mar 21 2008 

It's a Wonderful Life

You all get your wings. Thank you all so much for your thoughts on my situation. Bloggers is good people*! Special thanks to Sally for her comment on the Stash and Burn Podcast.


P.S. Has anyone seen the Orphanage? There is a scene where a prim medium is inspecting a house and someone tells her that the cops would like to observe. She says (according to the subtitles) “Cops? Cops is cool.” I’m pretty sure it wasn’t meant to be funny but I just about died. It might be this months’ “I. Drink. Your. MILKSHAKE!”

Ambivalence Thursday, Mar 20 2008 

Hi everyone–thank you so, so much for all your comments on my last post. I’m doing okay, just trying to figure a lot of things out. I’m torn between finishing graduate school (which I sort of loathe) and devoting myself to the fiberous life I clearly love. It’s so easy for me to easy for me to be totally consumed by design, knitting, spinning, weaving, etc. Not true of Foucault, quantitative reasoning and literature reviews. I’ve never quit a thing in my life (probably a bad thing, right?) so this it’s difficult for me to even think about leaving this goal behind. Anyhow. It’s rough being in your mid-twenties. When I was younger I always thought that 25 meant a convertible and braces. I thought shiny metal braces were really, really cool, like tooth jewelry.

I have been knitting, Currer, which I mentioned in the Stash and Burn episode (46!) and a secret design project (I’m answering to a very, very prestigious boss). Also whipped up a Rockefeller Cardigan for the store. I actually have to get to the store right now, so I’ll just leave you with a few pictures, there are more details on Ravelry and more to come–this pattern was a trial to get through, but I think it was worth it in the end.

Oh, I’ve been spinning too! I’m also pricing out rigid heddle looms and getting more and more into crochet. Do I even need to bother with a pro and con list…?
Half and Half

Half and Half

Half and Half

Half and Half

My reward for knitting this beast. It was worth it =)


Blargh. Sunday, Mar 2 2008 

It’s March. I’m back from Stitches West. It was super, super fun. I’ll have pictures and stories soon, but you can also listen to Stash and Burn #46 to get a sneak preview, I co-hosted! It was so awesome to hang out with Nicole and Jenny, total giggle-fest.

I’ve had a few major life changes in the past month. I’m in a new apartment, a quirky 1920s number in Northampton, very cozy and close to work. I’m a single lady these day, on good days I feel like Amelie and on bad days I feel like Liz Lemon, which is still pretty good I suppose.

All sorts of deadlines are whizzing by me which leaves little time for blogging (the guilt!!) but I promise, I’m working on some stuff I’ll be happy to share as soon as I get the chance!



BLUSH Tuesday, Feb 5 2008 

Blushing for many, many reasons these days. This first story is…almost too embarrassing to tell, but it’s kind of too funny to not tell. As you know, Super Tuesday is upon us! I called Town Hall to double check my polling location and that Independents can vote in the Massachusetts primary. Turns out, I am enrolled as a Q. Q stands for American Independent, a branch of the Constitution Party. SOMEHOW, when I registered to vote I chose this party instead of Unenrolled. Unenrolled sounded like a slacker party, like the show!

For the past 3+ years, I’ve been an accidental registered American Independent. My political views couldn’t really be more OPPOSITE of theirs (very conservative!). With Hillary and Barack in a statistical dead heat and everyone I know supporting Barack I was really looking forward to casting my vote for a viable, female candidate but I effed up and that won’t happen. If she loses Amherst, I’m going to feel irrationally guilty!!

Onto happier news–Gudrun, aka the Shetland Trader asked me to model one of her fabulous hat patterns. Meet the Bousta Beret! Here are a few outtakes from my little photoshoots. The paparazzi shot:

Bousta Beret

Some light reading:

Bousta Beret

Like I said, I’ve been away from the blog, focusing on knitting, designing and schoolwork. In that order. Some MORE good knittish things have happened recently but I sort of feel like keeping them secret for now! Another reason I’m blushing is that I’ve been given the You Make My Day blog award from Gudrun, Cosmicpluto (didn’t even know she read my blog, eek!) Sknitty and Brokeknits and Elin. ETA: Also, Reckless Glue and Miss Scarlett! Thanks, ladies, I echo the sentiment! Here are ten additional favorites:

1. Ysolda for her Scottish photoshoots and for being an inspiring designer.

2. Emily at Inside a Black Apple for all around cuteness and amazing artwork (which I often wear)!

3. Melissa at Knitting School Dropout for being adorable and having the most covetable FOs around.

4. Kate at Zeitgeist Yarns for being my birthday twin (one of many September 20th babies that I know) and for making it academic—I can’t help but envy her textile design grad studies…

5. Tied for funniest, sharpest ladies I know in real life, Huelo (whose blog has apparently run away from the Internet) and Chloe.

6. Jared at Brooklyn Tweed, of course, for his handspun and garter love. Loved listening to him on the Webs podcast this week!
7. Jenna at Cinemaknits who I pester all the time about not blogging anymore. She picks such great, obscure project and I love her color sense. I might have to start bribing her with Manchego and wine…

8. Adrian at Hello Yarn for the cutest dog name in the world (Shambles!) and her awesome knits, especially the ones for men (modeled by an oft-bearded Irishman!)

9. I have a confession to make about Pamela at Flint Knits and Megan at the Knitting Philistine…I confused them for a long time, they were both grad students with similar haircuts, glasses, equally awesome knitting…I finally got it straight and…this post continues to be embarrassing.

10. Jenny at Wikstenmade for making me want to move to Kansas City just so we can hang out, sew and speak in Jerri Blank quotes exclusively.

Speaking of sewing, I started a Denyse Schmidt foundation pieced scarf, here are my pre-cut bindles of fabric, which I find ridiculously cute:


So far it’s been really easy but my sewing machines hate me and started making terrible grinding sounds late at night, so I took a break. Might be because I’m using that gold top-stitching thread, the kind used on jeans, it’s so golden and pretty.

This doesn’t count as an FO, but I had to show it off! This was a store sample from Classic Elite, I can’t find the pattern info anywhere but it is color #1229 of discontinued Skye Tweed. It is a little Flashdance and I luff it:

Skye Tweed

Color is much more accurate here:

Skye Tweed

Over and out,


P.S. Don’t forget to vote!!

High in the sky apple pie hopes… Sunday, Jan 20 2008 

Spring yarns are trickling in at the store and they are super tempting! I have so much cotton, linen, hemp, etc. in my stash, I’m forcing myself to NOT gorge on anything from Berroco or Classic Elite, specifically the highly tempting Seduce and Soft Linen. Trying to ignore the totally adorable patterns from Norah Gaughan and Pam Allen. To quash these cravings and celebrate the fact that I think this is the year I’ve finally accepted that I’m a fledgling designer (long time readers will know that there has been much internal consternation surrounding that self-appointed title), I’m working up a little pattern that will take just a few skeins of these gorgeous new yarns and hopefully be a cute mid-season accessory. I wasn’t allowed to buy the yarn on Saturday because it is just that new (not in the Webs system) but hopefully by next weekend because it’ll be a quick knit, and I want to wear it!

Now, for some heart-stopping cuteness. In November (my month of knitting a million sweaters) I hinted at some unphotographed FOs, two tiny dog sweaters I made for a (very talented) friend’s adorable pomapoo. Shara snapped some pics and left them for me in the comments but I want everyone to meet the very dapper Diego!

And his new little sister Sadie, wearing the elfish green hoodie I originally made for Diego!


That face!!


I used the very adaptable Basic Hound Hoodie (Ravelry link but you can Google it for a free PDF). The first beige hoodie was knit with about half a skein of Tahki Soho Tweed which is a very nice yarn, soft and quick knitting. The green hoodie took half a skein of Berroco Ultra Alpaca. In the store the Cascade 220 is right next to the Ultra Al and…it makes the Ultra Al look really good. For about 1 dollar more you get a vastly more luxurious yarn in totally unique, complex colors. I’m not knocking Cascade 220 (or it’s awesome rival yarn Northampton) but if you haven’t used Ultra Al, I implore you, buy a skein, knit some little gloves or a hat (or both). You’ll fall for it.

More handspun…I need to start knitting it before I have yet another stash to manage. This is what I’m calling Wheat Sheaves, spun from 4 ounces of Spunky Eclectic BFL in Monkey Farts, most hilarious color name ever. I’m actually kind of happy with the pictures I got of this one, so lots more at Flickr.

Wheat Sheaves

I’ve also been practicing my photo skills on the Sundara Season’s Club shipment (this is Tickled Pink, the spring selection):

Tickled Pink

It’s been interesting, I chose Autumn and Spring, my favorite seasons in real life but I’m thinking I should have stuck with my CMB season, Winter. Those skeins have been deep reds or weird combos of green and charcoal or magenta and black. I live for weird colors! I sold and traded my silk lace weight because I’m just not that masochistic. If I ever really get into hardcore lace knitting it’ll be with something sticky.

What else? Oh yes, I had some exciting scores at Target the other day, got a creme brulee set for 5 dollars!! Steve, owner of Webs and wisecracker overheard me telling a coworker and shouted, “you know why it was 5 bucks, because no one makes creme brulee at home!!” I beg to differ, I made it immediately and had a very delicious breakfast the next morning!

Creme Brulee

Won’t be making a habit of it though. They include a “low-cal” version but it’s probably not worth the dairy. Besides a momentary freak-out about the butane torch (visions of explosions, probably the REAL reason no one makes them at home) I had success. I also made paneer (Fresh Cheese in Bittman) the other day, which was very fun. I’m having a streak of food luck, what should I make next??


Whiskeytown! Thursday, Jan 17 2008 

To paraphrase Martha, good things. Very, very good. Cap Karma only took one ball of Queensland Kathmandu Aran Tweed (currently on sale for $4.29, $4.29 people!! OMG, Brett, please don’t be offended that I knit you a 5 dollar hat). The yarn is so incredibly soft and tweedy I found it hard to put down. And hey, cables are FUN, I forgot.

Cap Karma


Cap Karma closeup

And out in the world, shopping for bulk nuts for Whiskey Cookies!

Cap Karma

They looked so pale and plain we thought it’d be a good idea to add some Demerara sugar on top! They came out of the oven looking kind of disappointing, like flat, pale pancakes. How did they taste?

Whiskey Cookies

Delicious!! They were so breakfast-y with a hint of banana from the whiskey (does anyone else think whiskey tastes like banana), we decided to add a maple syrup swirl to the last batch. There are…only a couple left. Highly recommended cookie, I’ve never had such luck with baking in my life. The texture is…NOT unlike the soft squishy cables of the Cap Karma.

Ah, full circle…


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