“You’re so beautiful… Thursday, Dec 6 2007 

you could be a part-time model, but you’d probably have to keep your day job…”

This is my theme song. It kills me when he says “spend part of your time modeling, and part of your time with me,” I would love to eat a kebab and take it slow with Gemaine, why does everyone prefer Brett, Gemaine is clearly the better man here!!

Anyhow, back to part time modeling! The latest Lexie photoshoot was really fun! She has given her site a makeover, it’s lovely! As always the new bags aren’t just in new prints, there are lots of cool new details. My favorite print is Pacifica, don’t know if it’s the colors I love or the fact that it was photographed with chocolates and a vanilla milkshake! There is also something very O’Keefe about the print, I love it. If you’re going to do floral, that’s my kind of floral.

My wardrobe for the day was…my wardrobe! Here it is resting on the radiator, which got rid of wrinkles and made outdoor shots a little easier.

Wardrobe on radiator

Lexie graciously provided a giant down parka which was so ANTM (btw, SO sad about Heather leaving last week). The location was an absolutely beautiful converted mill building. I’ve spent a lot of time in buildings like this–I earned my A.A. at Middlesex Community College which has a campus in Lowell, MA, a beautiful mill town and the home of Jack Keroauc (fun Skrilla fact: I used to write a column for the Lowell Sun and JK got his start writing for the sport’s pages there). I don’t know much about architecture but I love the feel of converted textile buildings. Plenty of exposed hardware that looks cold and heavy juxtaposed with worn brick and scuffed up hardwood flooring, plus tall, sectioned pane windows that let in tons of light and offer views of the rushing sparkling rivers that are always nearby. I love it!

The photographer is/was fantastic to work with. We’ve worked together on three or four Lexie shoots now and it’s always relaxing and fun–no barked orders, no impossible contortions (for ME at least!) just very thoughtful snapping. And unprofessional goofing off:

Flowers, for me?!

Lexie wisely chose this shot instead. I love this one, I wish I always looked that placid when communing with a laptop…

CR Laptop

Which I should actually be doing right now. I had a data disaster yesterday and I need to rectify the situation. Before I go, another finished object, the Girl Power shawl, details on Ravelry. This was nothing but fun and started a serious Spunky Eclectic addiction. Thank you again for spinning it, Jenna!

Girl Power Shawl

The FO parade will continue. Sorry to drag it out, but it’s really fun to give each item it’s own post. It’s also hard to coordinate good sun + me being showered/presentable. Heh. TMI?



Post monster! Friday, Nov 2 2007 

I don’t know what has gotten into me, posting three times in one week. Maybe I’m inspired by the NaBloPoMo participants? Or maybe it’s that there are some exciting things happening. First one: Lexie is looking for ladies (actually, I’m sure dudes are welcome too, I just like alliteration!). She really means it when she says “All ages, ethnicities, shapes, and sizes are encouraged to submit an entry,” this is the woman who lets/loves for me come to photo shoots with chipped black nail polish and whatever Van’s slip-ons I’m wearing that day. You can probably tell from her bags but Lexie’s aesthetic is one of kind, and now you can be a part of it!

When I mentioned Norah Gaughan’s exclusive to Webs (for the next two weeks at least) Lotus Cardigan, I did NOT give it it’s due. Here is a better picture (still pretty bad though, photographing catalog paper is difficult and I struggle with digital photography in general):

It was knit by Andra Asars, a woman I’m proud to call my adopted yarn mentor. She is brilliant at what she does, including whipping out perfect, custom-sized garments like this one in about two weeks. Here is us at Stitches watching the Red Sox, fanciest fans ever! We look like a demure Betty and Veronica, no?

A sample garment of hers went missing at Stitches…if anyone has a friend who “whips up” a size 42″ red Chantal in a record amount of time…please let me know. It is sad to lose garments this way, and it happens way more than it should. You’d think fellow knitters would understand how many hours go into sample garments.


P.S. If you’re watching the Office and you squeal at the amazingness of the Finer Things Club and your boyfriend immediately suggests “You should make a Ravelry group for it!” you MIGHT be addicted to Ravelry.

Sock FAME! Tuesday, Aug 7 2007 

UPDATE: They arrived! My pal originally gave me carte blanche and when I investigated her site I found that she is a prolific, generous sock knitter! I inquired about her preferences and she said that she’s been loving green lately, and lace. I’m not the best lace knitter…I hope the yarn is crazy enough to distract from my ‘creative’ solutions to lost YOs and forgotten decreases! We both grew up in Europe (she in Austria and me in Germany). I’m obsessed with Austrian art and sent her a ball of the new Hundertwasser yarn.

I’m finally mailing off socks to my sock pal–I hope they don’t mind that I waited until the last possible day of the mail-off. I’m including some treats for her very adorable children. I had a lot in common with my pal but I am going to hold off on revealing more until she gets my package.

My sock pal will also have the distinction of wearing a sock that was a prop for a recent Lexie Barnes photoshoot! I love this picture, the photographer said I look like an architect’s wife. I feel right at home in Lexie’s tableaux and I can’t shut up about the bags, especially my semi-new Darling with it’s holsters for my water flask and umbrella!

Pattern: Belle Epoque from a friend’s upcoming book Two-at-a-Time Socks
Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock Silkie in Beryl
Needles: Knit Picks, an assortment of the Classic Circulars, Options interchangeables and DPNs.

Notes: The yarn is pretty inelastic and fuzzy…I didn’t love it as much as the classic Socks that Rock which is like perfectly kneaded bread dough (not the first food analogy I’ve used on this yarn). The pattern is written for the socks to be knit two at a time on one long circular using a sort of Magic Loopy configuration. I did that for awhile to test knit the pattern then switched to DPNs for speed’s sake. This book is going to be a stunner, just you wait!

Lastly, I wanted to thank everyone who commented on my last post. Blogging is sort of like my personal pensieve but it’s nice to know that people appreciate my often rambling posts. This Ravelry thread about what makes a good blog was…a bit frightening.

More soon,