Hello, hello. I’ve published a post with some sizing information for the Nantucket Tank, please click here if you’re interested.

The blog silence is due to a lot of work I need to complete before the end of the semester. I’m working on getting myself back on track so I can return to my graduate studies with a bit of a cleared slate. I’m really looking forward to a television studies course with Shawn Shimpach, a hilariously dry scholar, still new to our department.

I have been knitting, a lot actually! We’re in the middle of a cold snap–49 and cloudy right now, it’s beautiful and I’m not being sarcastic, I love this weather. I dared myself to try to start and finish 28thirty before it warms up again, I think I’m on track to do it! Currer is very near completion, but I had a few false starts on the peplum (truly stupid mistakes) and decided to put it aside for a bit. I’m also zooming through a vest for the store, Petal knit it my absolute favorite yarn EVER, the Fibre Company’s Terra. I want to write a love letter to this yarn. I’ll tell you why when I finish the vest.

What else? Oh, I just discovered a knit-along for the Shetland Triangle and I conveniently received some Sundara Silky Merino Aran in Ruby Port (the last shipment for this round of the Season’s Club)…I’ll be directly ripping off Mr. Brooklyn Tweed, as so many before me have. All hail that dude and his amazing taste. Everyone keeps raving about how fast and easy this is…I am skeptical, it’s lace, lace usually flummoxes me. I’ll give it a shot at least!

I just relistened to Sweater Love, the episode where Nicole and Jenny declare their sweater fantasy lives AWESOME! Working at Webs is terrible for this. All we DO is fantasize about sweaters and what yarns we’re going to knit them in. Lately it’s been Tempest…let me tell you…I’m super excited to buy 14 buttons and use up some sock yarn. Because I have enough to knit probably 100 pairs and I’ve made maybe a dozen?

So yeah. That’s a lotta words. Here is a picture to balance it, I sort of can’t believe I took this: