It’s March. I’m back from Stitches West. It was super, super fun. I’ll have pictures and stories soon, but you can also listen to Stash and Burn #46 to get a sneak preview, I co-hosted! It was so awesome to hang out with Nicole and Jenny, total giggle-fest.

I’ve had a few major life changes in the past month. I’m in a new apartment, a quirky 1920s number in Northampton, very cozy and close to work. I’m a single lady these day, on good days I feel like Amelie and on bad days I feel like Liz Lemon, which is still pretty good I suppose.

All sorts of deadlines are whizzing by me which leaves little time for blogging (the guilt!!) but I promise, I’m working on some stuff I’ll be happy to share as soon as I get the chance!