Name that film quote! So, last night Eric and I were rear-ended heading back from a show at a terrific venue in Allston. We called the cops and in less than two minutes there were 2 cop cars, an ambulance, a firetruck…I don’t understand how so many forces of…the force converged so quickly. I was a little dazed but I saw almost a dozen men in uniform, all asking me over and over if I was okay. I got a little teary at the attention we got, to be honest.

Then, I showed them my knitting. It was a sock in progress, on DPNs, and it was the first thing to fly out of my hands, thank God. They started roaring with laughter, making quips about how it could have been a total Farrelly Bros. situation. The last thing they said to me before driving off was “No more knitting in the car!”

This is the penultimate sweater in my NoSoNaFiSweMo runway “show,” it is Spray by Kim Hargreaves from the Rowan Plaid Collection. Since I knit it in in the Stormy Night colorway I renamed it T-Storms.


I don’t know what to say about it…the yarn was decent to work with, soft and lightweight. Another chunky knit with lots of clunky seams. I used the Plaid to seam but I removed one of the plies (the light grey) to reduce the bulk a bit.


My spinning is actually way more exciting than this FO. I’m flying through the sock set I ordered from Spunky Eclectic. I think my singles look pretty good!
Night Flower Singles

They’re a bit over-twisted but that should be okay after I ply it. Spunky’s sock kits are such an amazing deal–for $9.50 I get to practice spinning and plying sock yarn with a well-behaved wool (and coordinating nylon) and if all goes well I’ll have yarn to knit a lovely pair of new socks. So that’s hours of fun, PLUS a great pair of socks for UNDER TEN DOLLARS. I officially love spinning.

I kind of made up a method for preparing the fiber. I wanted to consult the Twisted Sister’s Sock Workbook, but it was checked out of my library. She includes two 2 oz. rovings (this kit was called Night Flower and included Banff and Pink Elephant, I think). I split each in half and then split each of those a few more times. I wound and weighed little “dreampuffs” and lined them up according to weight. I made two identical balls of roving alternating between the colors.


So I’m spinning up two of these. Haven’t decided whether I’ll ply the two together or attempt to Navajo-ply each one separately.