Yesterday was almost TOO exciting! Kathy and I were talking about being mini-bloggers in a world of blog superstars. That prompted me to go and check my stats (I used Statcounter) which is always fun. My favorite feature is the map–I love seeing that someone in Turkey is reading me! I don’t get the flood of comments that some bloggers get…I try not to speculate about why, but my main theory is that my entries are long and text heavy, I’m guessing most people skim them heavily. Anyhow, yesterday I saw a rather engorged number of hits and I went to Visitor paths to see who had linked to me…it was none other that Blueprint Magazine!! I love Blueprint, and I’m using the magazine pretty heavily in my academic work. Last semester I compared the aesthetic of Blueprint with an indie DIY zine compliation. Through content analysis I tried to prove that there are simultaneous parallel DIY movements going on right now. My basic point? Let’s get together, yeah yeah yeah! I’m trying to develop a home economics curriculum based on critical theory and texts in the consumer culture ‘canon’, not that there IS one =)

Oh, did I tell you? Eric is blogging these days. AND modeling!

Well, not exactly, but this doppelganger freaked us out! Eric usually wears the exact same hat and some variation of that plaid shirt. Here is a profile pic for comparison (handsome, no?)

To to keep it manly, here is Zach, a Webs intern, modeling a men’s sweater (in the mailroom, natch) that will be available this fall. It’s knit from the top down (our designer coordinator’s speciality) in Berkshire Bulky–fast!

There is much more to blog about but I have to get to work. I’m on a special mission for Nicole from Stash and Burn (it’s just more excitement!) More later!