Is anyone else in a total Potter stupor? Book 7 made me feel like re-reading the entire series, which I’ve started. I’d already been heavily skimming the older books in anticipation of July’s Potter-fest. I’ve seen the movie twice-the first time I was too distracted by the scenery! The films are so visually rich, it sort of makes the at times impressionistic take on the content forgivable in my opinion.

Of course I’m immediately drawn to anything that will translate to a knitting project. In this film I noticed a lot of Norah Gaughan-ish vests on Ginny, cables and some hexagons (maybe, hard to tell for sure). A lot of Luna’s blue and lavender crochet was pitch perfect but Hermione’s striped pullovers sort of bored me. I’m not a huge Hermione fan to be honest, I’m definitely over the smugness and her snottiness towards Ron…probably because Ron/Rupert Grint is one of my favorite Potter characters. His garments are always my favorite at well! The original Weasley sweater, the Animal Cracker hat, the swatch blanket (cannot find a single decent picture of it, just a hint of it in this Talk Soup parody), his ragg raglan, and now this plaid number:

I’m a huge fan. One of my job perks this summer was getting access to the Rowan image database (I know, heart attack, right?) and getting to see all the garments from magazine 42. There happens to be a sweater that resembles the latest Ron sweater, it’s a saddle shoulder cardigan knit in Wool Cotton and 9 colors of Felted Tweed (hello, leftovers!). Oooo, awesome, I can link to it, there is a tiny picture here. The best part is the name–Striven. If you look at the definition for the word, you can’t help but think of Ron.

There are projects on my mind that tie to Deathly Hallows, as well. I finally see the appeal of the Invisibility Cloak projects, I might use Jade Sapphire cashmere with a touch of sparkle. If you’re on Ravelry, you can see my thoughts for the project I’m most excited about, Hermione’s beaded bag with the Undetectable Extension Charm. I’m waiting for a purse frame to arrive before I get started. I’m actually knitting two versions, one lavender and one pale green. I’ve started the lavender one and it features a beaded cast-on with some smoky amethyst glass seed beads, size E/6.0. It will be a drawstring pouch with a rather obscure lace pattern. The green bag will be somewhat more formal, sort of like these (minus the odd fringe). If I had a million dollars I would have bought this amazingly apros pros Lion Queen purse frame.

I realize that some of you might be a little sick of Pottermania. If that’s the case you might want to watch this, another parody that sounds like it was dubbed by a Moonanite (not work or kid safe!)