So I left my camera charger/USB stuff at my mother’s. And I kinda refuse to make pictureless posts. I’m actively trying to improve my picture snapping skills for the sake of the blog. Jenna and I are about to GEEK OUT and leave work early to see Order of the Phoenix, I might have to pick her photojournalist brain during the previews…

Anyhow, my point is that I will be on a brief blog hiatus while I wait for the charger to arrive in the mail. I still have a lot of pictures to show from D.C. (thanks for all the store recommendations!) and a fair bit of knitting as well. And of course…plenty of new yarn =)

I’ll be busy for the rest of the week up at TKGA, please stop by if you’re attending! If it turns out that lots of New England bloggers will be there, I’d love to have a meet-up somewhere.

Since I must be multimedia, I’ll leave you with the videos I watch to keep myself from bursting into tears about the summer heat wave we’re “enjoying.” If Kathy is a lizard, I’m a polar bear!

Scene/song from Flight of The Conchords (Jemaine’s scatting KILLS me):


Cutest commercial ever:

Check you later*,


*I was once ridiculed for using this salutation, is it deeply uncool? I’m pretty sure I cribbed it from someone who is not uncool, but in fact quite gnarly. Don’t you love old websites?