Thank you so much for all your lovely comments about the hat! 100% of the praise belongs to Kathy for writing such a flattering pattern–NOT easy to do when it comes to hats, esp. berets.

I’m down in the D.C. area visiting my mother and sister. Ever since I reformatted my laptop I’ve been having a load of trouble getting online, it’s incredibly frusturating and I even threw a tantrum when Eric the Electrical Engineer couldn’t counsel me over the phone on how to fix it. Guilty of the sexist assumption that all hot geeks know how to fix any computer problem I might have? Yes *hangs head in shame*. Lately everyone I know has been loving their new Macbooks, and after many snide remarks about rampant Apple lust I have to admit I’ve finally started considering one.

I finally started my Sock Pal’s socks, and it’s really the only project I brought (lie: I also brought a ball of Trekking just in case!) so I’m hoping to be done very quickly. The pattern is sort of a secret, I’m test knitting for someone! My pal will have mega-exclusive, mega-pretty socks!

Besides Knit Happens (been there a million times) are there any D.C. area yarn stores I need to check out?