Remember when I was going to not buy any yarn in 2007? Well, as you can probably already surmise, I “forgot” about my oath promptly after I made it. Last weekend I moved and came close to weeping when I realized how much yarn I’ve stockpiled in two short years. Eric was ridiculously patient with me and I suspect he finds the mania a little endearing but it was just unfair–his belongings took up about 1/6 of our tiny dwelling and of my 5/6s, 4/5 was yarn! Ugly.

I have plenty of stuff that I am no longer in love with and will try to sell, trade or donate. There is also some that I am in love with but I have a new philosophy–Knitter, know thyself. Maggie Righetti and the Stash and Burn ladies have really helped me with this, as well as knitters like Melissa, Ysolda and Adrian who design from scratch and make things that they actually wear.

What’s troubling is the random loose ball/half balls…those aren’t worth selling unless I put together some sort of grab bag. I think I’ve come up with a solution though. Maybe I will knit a bunch of hats with the beaded flowers I like so much. Come fall I’ll try to get a table at some craft fair or farmer’s market and maybe put the rest up on Etsy. I know I’m a slow, non-finishing knitter but I can make hats! That I can do. Come to think of it, I can probably make hats for little girls who hate wearing hats, like 8-year-old me, who quit the Brownie’s because I thought the brown beanie was demoralizing (read: unflattering) chapeau. I have no television this summer and limited Internet access…kinda by choice. Of course I love both and I’m not morally opposed to either indulgence but when I thought of the reading and crafting I could get without them…the decision was easy.

End rant,