Your childhood was eclectic and I know your teen years weren’t easy, even if you were Miss Houston Technical Institute. Besides having really cool clothes and lots of stories I know that whatever I’m going through you’ll have been there before. You made it out alive, so I’m sure I can as well.

My childhood was also eclectic–in retrospect, I’m really glad I was raised on buckwheat pancakes and apple juice popsicles. Homeschooling, constant trips to libraries and craft stores and music always–habits you gave me, ones that I happily continue.

You have taught me how to be a friend. The simple act of checking in or doing what you can to cheer someone up is something I’ve learned from you. You surround yourself with friends and they are lucky to have you. This DOESN’T mean that Vinnie and I forgive you for singing Twila Paris‘ “Forever Friends” in public throughout our youth!!

You are always changing, always improving. Being a mother of three hasn’t precluded you from going back to school, persuing careers and generally being a hot ticket.

This is a card you gave me for Valentine’s Day once and it is one of my favorite things. I am able to live in a world of possibility and beauty because of what you’ve taught me and what you continue to teach me.

I love you!