I’m alive. This is the View (pun intended) from my office, also known as my couch butt dent. Also known as the reason I haven’t posted any finished objects of late. To be completely honest, I also started a few NEW projects…which have been distracting me from the ones I could finish and post. Casting on seems to be my little coping mechanism.

The detritus on the floor. I am doing a paper on DIY/craft consumption, so those Blueprint magazines are my primary sources! The sock yarn…well…

It’s just more coping! It’s a two-circ-toe-up for Brett, my best grad school friend. It’s Regia Silk 6-Ply, perfect since he’s a fancy lad, whom you might remember from this massive post. My star tattoo (1 of 11) is fading!

To my left (allergy season requires tissues and BIG sunglasses!) That little stack of books are all about women in comedy, for my Politics of Sexual Representation final paper on Sarah Silverman.

To my right, my Bible and my best electronic friend. I’ve been texting so much this year I’m actually considering some sort of Blackberry for my next phone.

My hilarious dollar store mug, which I only pull out on stressful days.

It’s true, I don’t have anything finished to post. I got my sock pal, that’s exciting! We have a fair bit in common. She is open to anything and it seems like she leans towards the utilitarian…maybe I can spoil her a bit. If my pal is reading, HI! I promise to post a bit more between now and August. Should be easy since I’ll be working at Webs over the summer where it’s okay to think about knitting 24-7.

There has been a lot besides knitting on my brain lately and some of it is apartment related. I’ve been trying to figure out whether I’d like to live on my own next year but for the summer Eric and I have a sweet sublet with an option to renew for the year ahead. We signed the lease this A.M. and I saw bunnies and two black squirrels! The landlady told me that one was a baby (she could tell because of it’s puny tail). Cute animals and a savvy landlady, where do I sign?

Oh, I cut my hair! I wanted it even shorter but the smart stylist (his name was Butch) sensed that I would’ve just whined with it super short. Baby steps. I also dyed it black and the bangs are Manic Panicked Midnight Blue. It’s all part of my plan to convince the world that pale is the new tan.

Okay, time for some Alavert and big shades, I’m going for my catwalk. Brett has his daily promenade and I have my catwalk. It’s absolutely essential:


P.S. I’ll be wearing my Croc Primas, not those killers!