I’ve got a raging case of the mean reds. Could be because sewing is so distracting to me that I can hardly get any real work done or leave the apartment. I’ve taken up watching The View for a number of reasons, but I’ve got to stop. It derails my day. I get up around 9 (late for someone who used to row and work a ‘regular’ job) and do some organizing/reading/craft planning. Eric makes coffee and eat cornflakes really noisily. I glower. He leaves. At 11 I’m watching the View and eating a little brunch. I started off just watching the opening ‘hot topics’ segment but now I usually watch straight through. By noon I still haven’t showered (there is a reason I’m admitting to this publicly–I NEED TO BE SHAMED!) and I don’t have to be to campus for any particular reason. This isn’t just a spring break schedule, it’s like this every week. The earliest I’m expected to be anywhere during the week is 3:30 p.m. Yeah. It’s bad.

Anyhow, the View. Rosie O’Donnell and Elisabeth Hasselbeck have the most ferocious political arguments, I am just waiting for the day it turns physical. Rosie jokes about not liking her job as ‘gay mascot’ of the show but the fact that she discusses alternative sexualities on an almost daily basis and gets applauded for doing so blows my mind. It’s not the lesbianism that I’m necessarily impressed by it’s her voiced attraction to various celebrities regardless of gender. She endorses a carnivalesque approach towards human attraction, claiming that we’re all on a spectrum that is above all things mutable. She pulls no punches politically and it’s a thrill to see it happen on daytime television in front of audiences that I’d (perhaps unfairly) assumed to be the very opposite of forward-thinking.

Oh! And on a lighter note, her and Joy Behar talk about what it means to be a woman in comedy almost daily. I’m currently cobbling together a paper on Sarah Silverman for a conference in April so anything about the subject catches my interest these days.

So anyway…I’ve been sewing more than knitting these days. Here are some pictures, and all the details are over at Craftster:

It’s only Tuesday and it feels like my break is flying by…I’ve been buying a crapload of sock yarn lately and I swore I’d finish some very old chunky weight projects (I just typed ‘problems’ instead of ‘projects’…is that a sign?) so hopefully my next post will be…yarn-ier.