So. The world is conspiring against me and my habit. I got a clever, but irritating email from Knit Picks offering me a plethora of ways to organize my stash. I have it pretty under control but I’ve been making an effort to photograph it all so I have a inventory that allows me to “look” at my yarn without digging it out of its various hiding places. After reading these posts from Dena and Veronique I realized that my stash is a monster. This was affirmed when I started uploading to Flickr and had to upgrade to a Pro account to fit all the pictures. Here are the grand totals for my tags (I’m new at Flickr, and for those who are also: those are the labels I put on each picture)–be aware that there are some overlaps and exceptions! I’ve included WIPs, some of the yarn was tagged with ‘sweater’ and ‘cardigan’ because I haven’t decided yet.

Sweater: 50
Cardigan: 39
Coat: 3
Jacket (really, this should just be lumped with the Cardigan category):9
Tank: 16
Vest: 6 (meaning I’d wear a shirt underneath, in true ‘sweatervest’ fashion)
Socks: 43 (pairs)
Lace: 15
Shawl: 12
Scarf: 21
Wrap: 7
Hat: 16
Gloves: 6
Handwarmers: 4
Bag: 7
Toy: 3
Pillow: 1
Random: 60+ balls of varying sizes

The only stomach turning parts of this exercise? Realizing that I don’t have any crappy yarn. I’ve edited all of it out and now I’m left with a huge stash that I don’t want to give up. Sigh. Also, I hardly ever finish the socks I start but I find sock yarn to be the most collectible thing in the world–cheap, colorful, fun…gotta stop!

What does this mean? Sign me up for Knit From Your Stash 2007. It seems like everyone has a long list of clauses that allow them to enage in stash enhancement but I’m really interested in reducing my stash so I’ve kept mine to a minimum:

-if I’m running out of a project yarn.
-if it’s already in my hold bag or on order as of 1/10/2007 (I just edited my hold bag at work, and I have two orders out for small bits of yarn).
-if I’m out of state and happen to find something really cool that will commemorate a trip (I’m hoping to travel much more this year, and then there is Stitches West…)

Okay, that’s not so minimum…time for me to get knitting!

Oh, and hello to all the new commenters! I promise, most posts aren’t as photoshooty as the last one.


P.S. ETA: I just placed an order at Namemaker for two different kinds of custom labels. This will hopefully be incentive to finish, finish, finish!