That’s what Carrie Bradshaw said over and over again when she first stepped into The Vogue Closet. That’s how I feel at work now. By the way, I love the fact that the Internet knew exactly which scene I was talking about and had a supporting image for me. Thanks, Internet.

Between the Noro and the Rowan and the Nature Wool, I’m feeling like the world of yarn is going to be very hard to leave. My bosses have been joking that this is all a timed ploy to keep me from going to graduate school, and I must say, even as a joke, it’s mighty tempting What won’t help any is that I’m leaving for Chicago next Wednesday to work at Stitches Midwest with Andra Asars, who totally amazed me last time. She is a yarn rock star and had such good dirt on the industry. She was also full of good advice for someone who is trying to reconcile divergent interests in the academic and fiber worlds.

Everywhere I turn there are stories of people who started off in one realm and then ended up in yarn. I was very careful to balance all my critical communication courses with practical business classes so that I’d know what I was deriding…but somewhere along the way I feel like I’ve turned into an avid marketer, almost a shill! Something about it doesn’t feel corrupt or exploitative because in selling yarn, I’m promoting the act of creation which, in my view, is entirely beneficial for the consumer. No, producing your own clothing isn’t cost effective, and it isn’t necessary, but something about the process seems to close the modern chasm between consumer and producer, however infinitesimaly.

More on the Why I Like Rowan So Much question…I’ve often felt like I don’t have a discernable style. My closet is a hodgepodge of Salvie’s finds and sale items, and it causes much distress (and mess) in the A.M. If I had an infinite supply of money to create a “look” I wouldn’t really know how to go about it–I like so many disparate things that I’d end up looking like I did when I was 5 and my well-meaning mother let me dress myself. But! When I flip through the pages of Rowan I think to myself “I would totally wear that, and that and that…” It’s nice to see it all in one place. Just a few favorite To-Knits…

Over and out,