…to spill the beans. Starting today, Webs is carrying ROWAN. Details at 11!

This is all the Nature Wool:

The warehouse, a.k.a. Noroland, a.k.a. The Happiest Place on Earth! But not for long…some colors were sold out before they were even unpacked.

And some of my precious…Rowan.

I have been earning store credits like mad in preparation for this week, and I think I’ve spent wisely so far. I snagged 8 skeins each of Kureyon in 116 and Silk Garden in 34, two of Noro’s best. They’re destined for sweaterdom, maybe a Rosedale and something of my own design. I got Cash Iroha in a bronze and a light bright robin’s egg blue, I’ll probably stripe them in some way. There were a few randoms and some Rowan patterns–magazine 40, 34 and A Yorkshire Fable. The Rowan Yarn will be here, so I’m not in such a rush to buy that. I’m planning to get a whole palette of the Nature Wool, the Chunky for an afghan and the worsted for various colorwork. Even one skein equals a hat, so I’m thinking holiday gifts.

When the radio ad was in production the Elkins asked me to describe why Rowan has so much pull with knitters. I feel somewhat silly about how effective their sales pitch is with me, but I can’t help it, and I don’t really mind all that much. It’s a complete aesthetic and one that I find really appealing. I gushed a lot more than that but I’m getting shy now. Anyhow, I’m really glad to have ready access to the stuff.

I should mention that all of this stuff arrives on a week where Eric has finally declared that he thinks I have too much yarn. He said he knows he can’t stop me from buying it, but he’s a little “impressed” with how much I have accumulated. I can’t argue with him, and I really do know that he’s right…but I don’t believe in diets of ANY kind, least of all stash diets…