Was pulled into a meeting today with yarn reps to offer opinions. That’s happened a number of times since I’ve been at Webs and it’s always quietly exciting. Today was especially so because I got to discuss the merits and pitfalls of Lycra fortified yarns with Norah Gaughan herself! She was very sweet and dressed the way she designs, simultaneously casual and sharp.

It’s incredibly humid in Massachusetts and that pretty much crushes my will to live. I have noticed that the American affection for air conditioning is in full force, which makes me happy because it necessitates sweater wearing (and knitting) well into July, at work and on my bus commute.

My knitting thoughts are all pretty boring these days. They involve stripes (nautical, candy cane, Freddy Krueger), very simple shapes and buttons along shoulder seams.

Okay, this snoozefest of an entry is official over!