Today was absolutely effin’ insane at Webs. There is no delicate, euphemistic way to put it. I feel like the team of six that worked today are now in a sorority of sorts. Why was it so busy? Take your pick:

1. Cummington Sheep and Wool.
2. Graduations/reunions for many of the 5 area colleges (UMass, Smith, Amherst, Mt. Holyoke, Hampshire, also known as Scooby, Velma, Fred, Daphne and Shaggy).
3. Paradise City Arts Festival.
4. A bus filled with NY knitting and spinning guild members.
5. The last day of the anniversary sale!
6. General Saturday mayhem.

I have never been so glad to come home. Don’t get me wrong, short of being

a. a Ben and Jerry’s taster
b. a gossip magazine inspector
c. a squirrel whisperer

I can’t imagine a more fun way to spend my time than working in one of knitting’s bustling epicenters, but I’ve had it with this week. And just look at what I came home to:

Eric made me a bookcase! He just told his mother that he “karate chopped the wood with his bare hands”. It’s not done, it’s missing a shelf and whatever stain/paint/decopage finish I can dream up but it’s a BIG SHELF, for all my treasures!!

He also put my clothespins to use! This makes me happy since it was a big goose hunt to find them. I had to go to Wal-Mart (boo, hiss) to find any at all:

I’m 2 deep into a 6-pack of my favorite libation Sam Adam’s Cherry Wheat (when I lived in Germany, it was common to mix beer and fruit juice and my favorite combo was hefeweizen and ‘saurkirchensaft’/sour cherry juice) and I have absolutely no knitting content for you. I’m sorry. I recieved an unexpected store credit this week and spent it all very quickly. I have a lot of designing to do (for myself and maybe the Craftsters) in the next few days. Until then I’ll leave you with some randominity. A picture from one of my favorite television shows, Everwood (cancelled?!), featuring Bright Abbott/Chris Pratt who will star in the LONG ANTICIPATED (by me) Strangers with Candy movie due out this summer.

Yeah, he’s a babe, she’s a babe, but do you see what I see? NORO!

P.S. The Cardigans? Really good band. Sexy. Incidentally my favorite item to knit since I wear them as much as possible and think they are the most versitile and economical use of knitting resources.

Last cool thing for today, a picture taken at a recent outdoor show which was pure Western Mass magic (it is Phil Elvrum from Mount Eerie). This was taken when he was singing a new song–he had to consult his notebook for the lyrics. There was a bonfire, marshmallows toasting and the bass drum is lit from behind. During Jason Anderson’s set he asked us to leave the warmth of the bonfire and go to the middle of a field. He asked us if we wanted to “get tribal” and improvise songs. It was dark and though we started out shy it slowly became beautiful. Jason asked “is this too weird?” and someone shouted “let’s make it weirder!!” It was super fun.

Das ist alles!