I’ve got it. No good reason, I just have been feeling a little burnt (burned?) out by the 24-7 yarnfest that is my life. There are way too many things I want to knit and since I’m trying to sleep/read/exercise more, I almost feel resentful of knitting sometimes. Is that crazy, to have a contentious relationship with an inanimate thing? Don’t answer, I know it is.

Things that are good:

1. A cloche I designed was accepted and will appear in a book edited by Gwen Steege at Storey Publishing. It is due out this November and the best part is that all the patterns submitted by my Webs coworkers were accepted!

2. My knitting model career just gets better and better–now I’m going to be appearing on the cover of the next Webs catalog, as well as in the ads that go in Interweave Knits and Vogue Knitting–eep. I’ll be modeling the gorgeous Guernsey designed by my co-teacher and co-worker Kirsten. iIf you ever call Webs, there is a good chance you’ve talked to her. I make fun of her for the way she coos “Hello, Webs”, like a knittin’ vixen.

3. On a particularly draining day I came home to this, compliments of Chef Eric:

Sorry for using the hardwood floors as a go-to background, I can’t help it. I stroke them and croon the James Blunt song to them daily (your’re BEAUtiful, you’re BEAUtiful, it’s truuue….”)

And sorry for the lackluster posting.