…that I should happen upon such a thought-provoking band when I decide to shift my mental energy from the crafty to the cerebral. I’ve been listening to Why? all week and it feels like being in the bathroom at the Montague Book Mill/Lady Killigrew.

I’m not saying that crafting isn’t cerebral, I think it is. I feel like I’ve had a very lucky perch here in the knitting craze and what I notice more and more is a trend of sameness. The best designs/yarns/bloggers quickly attain cult status and they’re deified in a way I find almost embarrassing. That isn’t to say they don’t deserve this, but it seems counterintuitive to the DIY ideal of self-sufficiency and creativity…

Anyhow, lately I have been thinking about weaving. I had my reasons for resisting it, despite the fact that I work at weaver’s mecca (before the knitting craze, Webs was known for being the source for weavers). It takes a ton of yarn, space and know-how. I didn’t dare take up another fiber hobby lest it take over the apartment entirely. Then I saw these linen towels woven by Sharon Alderman. They are beautiful and functional and all of a sudden weaving made sense. My plan is to use my last few store credits to buy the simplest of looms, a rigid heddle loom.

I took it as a sign when I found Learning to Weave for a 1/4 it’s usual price at the Book Mill.

Over and out,