Eric surprised me with a bottla’champange! Awwwww yeah!

Back to reality…May 1st deadline looms and my first designs are going well, but not quickly. Time to bury myself in this pile of this knitter’s “essentials”: sweaters to use as giant templates, Lexie Barnes bags, 1995/Colin Firth edition of “Pride and Prejudice” (thanks again Melissa and Megan!!!) calculators, Denise needle kit, measuring tapes, reference books, little half-knit sweater zygotes, a yoga mat, a Glampyre pattern for diversion when needed, a cone of Webs’ new alpaca-silk blend, vintage circular needles, etc…



EDIT: Okay, holy crap, today RULES! Lexie’s site is updated, and your’s truly is on page one along with a foxy lady whose name I forget and Lexie’s adorable baby boy. Her new prints are AMAZING and it looks like I’ll be adding another to my collection.