This thing was supposed to be done for the premiere of Goblet of Fire…oh well, at least it is done now. It’s very comfy, but I only had a few balls of the yarn (Jo Sharp Silk Road Aran Tweed) so I was skimpy with it, but didn’t need to be. For instance, this thing has quite the wide boatneck. People seem to like it but I think it’s weird. I worked at a much larger gauge than I would’ve liked to (to conserve yarn) and the duplicate stitched letter R reflects this. The first few attempts looked very drunken, but I now I think I’ve settled on charmingly homemade, which is what the Weasley sweater is all about, right??

Just a simple top down raglan, the colors are Heather (main color) and Bramble (contrast). I’m tickled to have such a nerdy garment.

In about five days I will have a solid answer about graduate school. It’ll be nice to know, at last. Until then, I’m taking it easy, very very easy.

Eric is off to California to give a presentation at an engineering conference, a.k.a. the Science Fair for grown-ups. He said “if I don’t win a blue ribbon, heads are gonna roll!”

Next for knitting? I am close to finishing Eric’s birthday Aran, if I hurry on it it can be his blue ribbon. I have to knit a couple of things for the store before May 1 and a few hats for friends. For myself? Well, I have been watching the 1995 (BBC mini-series) version of Pride and Prejudice and I have an immese desire to recreate this look:

Classic Elite Skye Tweed is on sale at Webs and I have set aside the perfect orange. This fits into Project Spectrum! The pattern I will use is Stefanie Japel’s Forecast, with most of Winnie’s modifications, and most likely a different cable insert. All I can say is, I’m pretty stoked. I feel like a Jane Austen fan shouldn’t use words like “stoked”, but whatever, I do what I want!

In addition to this, I am starting a top-down class on Wednesday and my teaching aid will double as custom-made sweater for my friend Kyle. I’m nervous! He wants “stripes and autumn colors” and I’ve already overwhelmed him with questions.

It’s time to hang out with the boys