I’ve been a project monogamist lately, which is very good. The focus helps me avoid collecting new projects (and the yarn for them) at my usual spaz rate. This was for the store, it’s a Plymouth Pattern (S451) for their Bella Color yarn. Cute and easy to knit.

Now that I’ve finished that I can get started on Eric’ birthday sweater, the very cool Cycling Aran from Hello Yarn. Not only does he cycle, but he has extra long arms, which the pattern is written to accomodate, bonus. The gauge is much bigger than I anticipated, 3.25 to the inch and I’ll be using Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Bulky in Bulldog Blue. You can line the collar which a contrast color of a finer yarn, I picked Stockbridge in Kiwi. He’s quite a guy, as you can see from this picture of him sidled up to the mixer. His cookies put mine to shame, and I almost resent him for it.

Other knitting thoughts I’ve had recently center on socks. I have started many of them but only finished a few pairs, they were given away as gifts. I’ve been pretty angry lately at how quickly I go through store-bought socks. I think it is because I wear pretty heavy boots and walk more than the average person because A. I’m carless and B. have a job at a HUGE retail store. I love knee highs because they keep me toasty and look adorable, but one hole in the toe and there goes a whole pair. Tres infuriating.

Anyhow, I hope to start knitting my way through my sock yarn, and trust me, I’ve amassed plenty of it, as it is relatively cheap and I’m addicted to all things German and stripey. I have many good books on the subject, and a coworker who teaches classes on Cat Bordhi’s two-circs method. I also happened upon this cute little pattern which might save my socks when I slide around the house “Risky Business”-style.

I got the urge to spin last night and found this gift fleece from my co-worker Jenni. It is wrapped up so beautifully that I’m afraid to ruin it with my lumpy spinning. I think I’m going to felt it into a cloche, but I had a good time impersonating a Gustav Klimt model.

Over and out,