I didn’t finish my Olympic sweater, but I totally could have. Knitting at 2 sts/inch makes it quick even for me, World’s Most A.D.D. Knitter. The weird thing is, when I returned from Stitches, I didn’t feel like knitting a single stitch. I was exhausted and totally yarn-ed out. I did manage to pick up some lovely, lovely yarn.

Aren’t these cute? They look like little candies! They are kid mohair and silk, and there is enough yardage to make a couple of lacy scarves.

THIS was the highlight of the yarn feast! Brooks Farm Yarn, which everyone raved about from Rhinebeck was totally stunning. I got a skein a day, and for 500 beautifully dyed yards of kid mohair, 30-something dollars didn’t feel like a lot at all. These will probably all end up as big dramatic scarf/wraps, I’ve been combing the BW’s for nice lace patterns.

To be quite honest, I’m feeling slightly overwhelmed by the volume of patterns I unearth and want to knit. I’m a slow and distractable knitter and it’s really difficult to be surrounding my the latest and greatest all the time.

In addition to all that, I’m feeling like I need to be devoting WAY more time to reading up for graduate school. All of those books are collecting dust and I really don’t want any cobwebs to form in the academic part of my brain while I’m busy playing around with fiber.

This post is uber-lame because I’m getting sucked into the Project Runway finale. I’d better get back to this later…

CR πŸ˜‰