He arrived this afternoon from Rowan, county Cork where he lives with his friend, Jess Hutch. Squarey is a very courteous houseguest.

After I caught him doing housework, I told him to get himself a beer and relax:

That loosened him up a bit. Being fingerless doesn’t hold him back at all on the guitar. I took this picture right before a ripping solo.

It also didn’t keep him from checking out the knitting blogs! I was flattered to find that he is a Skrillaknits fan!

Well, I better go. Squarey just got into Eric’s records and is hollering at us to get the party started…

I hate to disappoint him, but Sunday night means French cinema and leftovers:

My new hero, Solange from “Preparez vos Mouchoirs”. She knits throughout the whole movie, except when she is having “fits”. All three of her lovers got a handknit turtleneck. THUMBS UP.