My big clean-up felt good. While I was putting everything up on eBay I came across some Rowan Felted Tweed for a song, so I bought it to knit Bloom from Rowan #36. It only takes 3 balls (plus bits for the optional flowers)! When it arrived I didn’t love the color (#141 Whisper) so I’m selling this as well. It’s really gray with small denim colored flecks, white, black and light blue. Beautiful, but not what I wanted. If anyone wants it, it’s yours for what I bought it for, 5 bucks a ball. If not, it’s eBay-bound! It is usually 1o, so that’s good. It’s supposed to be amazing, but I haven’t knit it so I can’t vouch. Oh, and I ordered some Conker (the blood red shade) to replace this, which was really hard to find. I anxiously await it’s arrival.

In other news, I think I might actually finish a sweater before winter ends! And don’t laugh, but it’s a Berroco pattern. Even though they turn up on You Knit What?! almost every day, I think there are definite winners amidst the cringe-y ones. We got this sweater in the store as a sample, and it’s really cute. It looks slightly misbuttoned, as though you’re a careless librarian, which is a look I can get behind. This Noro (discontinued shade #115) was going to be a Butterfly, but I decided that it would be way too much pink. It’s much more suited to this little number. I switched the excess to lovely watery #150 for a Lindebo.

It is the perfect place to use this button!

The past couple have weeks have been a blur, but before February rolls around, I wanted to document some of my knitterly resolutions. I started by cleaning out my stash (somewhat) and I think there are some Excel spreadsheets in my future. Nerdy, but it will help me keep track of my massive collection of knitting goods. That brings me to my first observation:

*My job. This year was my ‘year off’. It took me five long years to earn my B.A. and I’m really hoping to start the M.A. this fall (fingers crossed). Working at one of the nation’s best yarn stores has been an incredible and informative experience. I knew I needed a way to pay the rent and I felt enormously blessed to be hired at a place where my insane love for yarn would be useful and not a distracting daydream. Rather than being ‘just’ a retail position, my employers and coworkers have encouraged me to teach, design and learn all I can about the craft. I often feel like I’m in a giant lab that was created specifically for me to observe the things I’d read about in college. It is an ideal situation and it has also increased my yarn, pattern and book stash by an ridiculous amount. My plan this year is to start working my way through it. I will do that by striving to be more like my coworker Karen, who finishes and wears amazing knits all the time.

*Next thing: design. I’ve always loved the arts but never felt talented enough to consistently create. I was of the opinion that everything had been done and that anything I created would be derivative, irrelevant or just plain useless. Working in a place where design is a daily concern has been so helpful in changing my mind about my own worth as a crafter. I feel ready to design, and I’m really going to push myself to learn and do much more for my artistic self this year.

This is getting long and psychobabble-y. I think I’ll wrap it up, and come back to this when I’m not feeling so effusive.


Addendum! There is a book project that a lot of the Webs gang is contributing designs to, and this is my contribution…details to follow, hopefully!

Okay, over and out for real!