So I ‘ve been kind of lax about updating. Incidently, ‘laxity’ was on the GRE test that I took on Monday. The GRE was pretty much occupying all my knitting/blogging time, but I kicked it’s ass, so it was worth putting the needles down for a bit to study. I am even more concerned than I was about the validity of standardized tests–the math score I got was just way to good =)

Someone else was being a brainiac! After much begging, Eric allowed me to teach him the knit stitch! I didn’t make a big deal about it at first, I just kind of slid the needles into his hands. The dang Boy Scout was a natural. Cut to the next day. I’m late for work, I rush out the door with a slam. He figures “she’s mad!” and shows up 9 hours later to pick me up, wearing an odd expression. His arms jut towards me and he reveals…

A TEENY SWATCH! He thought it might diminish my possible anger (which didn’t exist). I’m stunned. It looks great! It’s Berroco Pleasure on Crystalite needles, btw (Pleasure is 66% angora, get some before Webs is all out, it’s HEAVENLY). I note his even tension, and point out that his stitches are slightly twisted, not a problem I assure him. After the intial thrill wore off, I noticed something. This is stockinette–and I never taught him to purl! I immediately suspected foulplay, and gave him the hairy eye to see if he took it to the knitting store in Amherst, or maybe some random crafter. It’d be a good joke. He swore up and down that he didn’t, so I sat him down and said “show me what you’re doing”. He slowly knit a row (cutely dropping the yarn between each stitch, and using exaggerated torque to move the needles) and when he got to the end of it, he proceeded to KNIT BACKWARDS.

This is something I haven’t yet bothered to learn. The boy (who is an engineer, so maybe this shouldn’t surprise me) taught himself to do this. He said that when he picked it up again, he turned the work and the first row looked “wrong”. Of course, he was seeing garter stitch, which he percieved as a mistake. So he deduced that he shouldn’t be flipping the work, and just improvised a way to knit backwards. All together now, ‘AWWWWW’!

In other news, I have increased my stash a bit. Besides random skeins of soft and pretty yarns that usually find their way home with me, I’ve purchased supplies for projects that I really shouldn’t touch until 2006.

Rowan 4Ply in Rumtoft (a deep brown that doesn’t photograph well) and lots of ginger colored beads to match the orange and red tweed flecks for Joy from Vintage Style:

A discontinued color of Noro for a Butterfly. It was on SALE at Webs (6.00 a skein, and note the past tense, it’s back to normal price now) and I traded some old stash to get it. I am sort of ashamed about my Noro addiction, but only sort of. This color (#115) has a bit of everything in it (without being horrid) and is perfect since I can never pick a favorite color.

Still not done with the Weasel =/ I’m not a total Fred or Fleur fan now, I just haven’t finished my R.

Second to lastly, I have a secret, but it’s no where near as good as Cari’s!

Lastly, I’ve been enchanted by Rosa Pomar, please check out her site. She dresses her toddler in Noro, what’s not to love!?!