I guess this isn’t really knitting related, but this is my most used online space to share things. I saw my favorite person tonight, Ben Lee!

Last time I saw Ben I gave him a wombat that I knitted him that day. It looked like this but without ears (this one belongs to Amy_Ruth from Craftster):

I was so wrapped up in the performance that night that I had to abandon the knitting!

I have written a lot about how I feel about a Ben Lee performance, you can read it here and here if you wish. Tonight was a little bit calmer than last, people gathered on the floor and he likened us to a kindergarten class. New Buffalo opened, and she was amaaaaaazing. She was a stately blond with a really, really beautiful voice and a lace dress that made me wonder where her and Lara (one of Ben’s Soldiers of Bliss/backup band) get these great clothes.

I saw Ben walking in Northampton before the show and I couldn’t help myself from yelping hello. Later he walked over on some tables (mid-song!) and bent down to ask me how I was doing. Close range Ben Lee, the smile just doesn’t get any larger!

End of non-knitting gushing!