So I had a day off and decided to be good and nerdy. I ended up listening to a first-rate podcast about the Harry Potter series. It is produced by a theologian and contains a lot of great theorizing about the parallels between the books and other classic tales of heroism (the Bible, Star Wars, the Matrix, Greek mythology, etc.).

After about 7 ‘episodes’, I was in a Hogwarts tizzy, and I went over to Mugglenet to look at studio stills. I’m in Alison’s Weasley-along, but haven’t made any progress on mine…in fact, I frogged the entire front after learning that my intarsia method wasn’t the brightest idea in the world. I cut the yarn at each color change and didn’t carry it up to the next row. The lead to many, many ends, and pretty loose edges on my ‘R’. I wasn’t happy with it. My back up plan is that I’m going to knit it top down, probably in an all-night frenzy before the film opens. Since I lost some yarn in the frogging process (weep!) I have even less of what was already a small stash of a discontinued color. So this will be an interpretation of a Weasley…it’s going to be a saucy Weasley. As for the letter, the Sorting Hat says…”DUPLICATE STITCH!!”

This picture makes me want to knit up one of Alison’s HiP scarves:

I saw this extremely exciting blanket that I think knitters are going to go ga-ga for. Look closely–those are all SWATCHES!! Thank heavens for my ever-growing scrap pile.

The last thing that caught my eye was this picture of Hermione in her ball gown. It’s tres pretty, and I might have to interpret it in a knittish way…

I’m off to Sleeve Island, with a possible stop at Noro Beach.