Today was entirely gray and rainy. Which doesn’t bother me one bit =) The bad weather is due to a hurricane named after a knitter (Wilma Flintstone), so how can I be bothered by it?

With store credit I got a few things today, totally guilt-free shopping. More Burly Spun to finish the Twinkle-esque tube, some Classic Elite Lush for the amazing Knitty surprise that happens to match my footwear and taste in knitting bags. My fondness for skulls isn’t a pirate thing. I’m half Mexican, so it’s partially a Day of the Dead thing, and also a little poison bottle warning.

I am tenatively teaching a class next semester for the popular Lelah top by Christine at Knitting for Boozehags. As a lady who knits in bars and attempts Fair Isle under the influence, I fully appreciate this blogger. The education coordinator asked for something youthful and this top is it. It’s beautiful, and offers the opprotunity for a lesson in knitter’s modification/math, which is something I fully encourage.

The Boy has a fantastic new hobby–he applies his incisive Aries judgement and killer taste reviewing new music for WMUA, the UMass Amherst radio station. Right now we’re making fun of a bad Kelly Clarkson knock-off.

I mentioned in my last post that I’m working on a design for Knitty. This new blog coincides with an attitude shift. I had always thought (cynically and egotistically) that if I couldn’t contribute something entirely novel to the pattern lexicon, that I shouldn’t bother at all. It has to do with my persistant suspicion that there is nothing new under the sun. I studied this concept in college, and even taught a colloquium on it, but it did nothing to make me feel better about my odds of being a designer with Something to Say.

Anyhow, recently a few things have happened to push me over the edge. I kept saying to myself “I could do that!” when I saw new patterns and I suggested a key modification to a pattern that is actually going to be on television soon. When I heard that, I realized that I could absolutely be contributing to the massive design collection, and that it was silly to slight myself before I’d even tried.

That’s it for now, I’ve miles to knit before I sleep. BTW, thanks for all the kind welcomes, everyone.