While I’m supposed to be finishing up work knits and tackling Christmas gifts, I couldn’t help but cast-on for a top based on this amazing Twinkle design that happens to be on the cover of Vogue Knitting (a version of it at least).

I’m not following the pattern, it calls for three stands of a bulky weight yarn held together, no thanks. I’m using Brown Sheep Burly Spun on size 15 needles. Instead of working it up from the bottom, I’m going top down with the help of my favorite lady, Barbara G. Walker. Knitting from the top-down is the most organic, sensible way to knit, and I’m going to be advocating it next spring at Webs in a top-down sweater class tenatively named “The Downward Spiral”. Anyhow, this knit may make me look totally ridiculous, not to mention hippy, but I don’t really care because:

A) The Burly Spun is seriously delicious. Soft and gorgeously handpainted. The color is named Strawberry Patch.

B) Sweaters with that much clever detail are the perfect winter doldrum antidote, in my opinion. When it gets gray out I take it upon myself to wear obnoxiously bright outerwear.

I don’t feel too bad about the diversion because it’s knitting up so quickly.

I have finished one thing! It’s a sock for the store, knit from Berroco Foliage. You can get the pattern free with the yarn, and they knit up extremely fast. They are calling this a washable Kureyon, and while it’s not quite as wooly, it does share the nice subtle striping of Kureyon, which is great fun.

Lastly–I found out that I’m going to California in February to work Stitches West! I’m excited, I’ve never been to California, but I’m slightly bummed that I won’t be meeting any East Coast bloggers. My family finds it hilarious that I’m going off to a yarn convention. They’re like “wait–yarn?!”. Yes, yarn =)

Yikes, it’s three and I’ve done nothing but blog!