Hi, I’m Cirilia, and I’m a knitter. I’ve been over at Livejournal for awhile now, but this seems to be the platform of choice for most knitters out there, so I made the switch. If I can manage to beef up my HTML skills a bit, this should be a better blog than my last.

For any new readers: I live in the lovely Pioneer Valley in Western Massachusetts. I am shacking up post-graduation with a grown-up Boy Scout and we’d really love a cat or pug or something, but our landlords disagree. I hope be an academic in the field of cultural studies, and I apply to graduate school this winter. In the meantime, I’m a full-time yarn peddler at Webs in Northampton. I’ve lived abroad for a lot of my life and want to explore even more of the world, especially India, Japan, Canada, Iceland, Austria, Norway, Sweden, etc…

As for as knitting, my Nana taught the basics, but the rest was all me and my library card. I like classic shapes knit in quality yarn. I like wit, like puffed sleeves or high collars, anything that looks like it’s taken from another era. I prefer to knit using the methods of my heroines Elizabeth Zimmermann, Maggie Righetti and Barbara G. Walker, but I’m also astonished by the efforts of all the emerging designers on the Internet. This is dorky and Virgo of me, but I’m also concerned with my technique. I’ve been sloppy in the past and invented methods for doing things, but I’d like to learn the ‘proper’ ways.

Lately I’ve been knitting for the store and for the holidays, which leaves little time for any ‘fun’ knitting. While I’m not fretting about my upcoming GRE test or working at Webs, I’m working on a design to submit to Knitty and an article to submit to another favorite magazine, Bitch.

That’s it for now, I’ll be back soon with pictures!